One of the most important parts in terms of car safety are your brakes, they will look after you. With our quality brands ranging from Brembo and Mintex through to Delphi and Brek, you’ll never be without options to suit your budget and driving styles along with different types of vehicles such as small, medium and sports cars through to people carriers and vans.

During servicing, Grimshaw Autos check the condition of all the braking system on your car. This includes the brake fluid reservoir, brake pipes including flexible pipes, brake callipers, brake discs and brake pads.

To avoid expensive repairs, you would be notified of any issues with your braking system which could wait such as brake pads and discs. We try to get the best value out of existing parts and estimate a time for change so you, our customer, could budget for these essential repairs without affecting safety.

Our brakes are there to keep us safe and they’ve got our back during those sudden stops. A good set of brakes will see you through all kinds of weather, which can be expected in our British climate.

Should you hear any noises when braking, you should always seek expert advice to avoid breakdowns or brake failure. Here at Grimshaw Autos, we are more than happy for any of our fully trained vehicle technicians to check your vehicle for safety issues and report their findings to put your mind at rest and have a safe vehicle.

Most manufacturers recommend that your brake fluid should be changed every 2 years, This can be done during your routine servicing. We would discuss this at the time of booking.

So if you want to go from moving to not moving, then an efficient brake system from us is for you.